(The following are the parking rules and info about the appeals process as they would function under normal circumstances, not while the campus is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Valid Permit Not Visible (21113 CVC)
Staff Permit Required (21113 CVC)

All vehicles parked on grounds shall clearly display a current  parking permit or daily parking permit on the lower driver’s side front windshield facing outward with the number of the permit clearly visible. A permit in any other area of the vehicle is a violation and subject to citation. Parking is enforced 24/7 Monday through Friday and on Saturdays from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm. Motorcycles, Jeeps, and vehicles with convertible tops must contact the Campus Safety Office for special arrangements.

Staff parking permits are required for staff parking lots. Vehicles parked in a staff lot without a valid staff parking pass will be cited.

Failure to Obey Posted Sign (21113 CVC)

No person shall fail to obey any sign erected to carry out these parking regulations.

Head In Parking Only (21113(a) CVC)

Vehicles must be parked facing into parking stalls. Backing into a parking stall so that the front-end of the vehicle is at the stall opening can disrupt the flow of traffic in parking aisles and can be a liability to the district. No head-out parking.

Not A Designated Parking Stall (21113 CVC)

No parking is allowed in any area that does not have a clearly marked parking stall.

Parked Out of Stall (21113 CVC)

No vehicle shall be parked outside of the designated parking stall. Doing so negatively impacts other vehicles around you. Any vehicle that is parked excessively outside the boundary lines of the parking stall will be cited.

Violations of Yellow, Red, Green Curbs (21485 CVC)

All parking laws in effect off campus pertaining to parking at colored curbs are in effect on campus. No parking on red curbs.

Designated Fire Lane (22500.1 CVC)

All roads and driveways on the Fullerton College campus which are fire lanes must be kept unobstructed and available to emergency response vehicles at all times. Access to fire hydrants must also be maintained at all times. Any vehicle presenting a hazard by obstructing a fire lane or fire hydrant may be towed immediately.

Abandoned Vehicle (22523 CVC)

No person shall abandon, or leave standing any vehicle or motorized cycle on the college premises for 24 hours or longer without permission of the Campus Safety Department. Violations will result in vehicle removal and storage under authority of the California Vehicle Code.

Lost, Stolen, Misused or Altered Permit (21113 CVC)

Vehicles parking on campus in possession of a reported lost, stolen, or altered parking permit will be cited.

Overnight Parking (21113(a) CVC)

No person shall remain overnight in any vehicle parked on the college premesis owned or operated by the college. No person shall leave any vehicle on the college premises for 24 hours or longer without permission of the Campus Safety Department.

Handicap Parking/Occupying Space (22507.8(a)+(b) CVC)

No person shall park in an area posted or marked for “Disabled Parking Only” without a State issued disabled person placard or license plate.

Disabled Curb Access Ramp (22522 CVC)

A blue zone indicates disabled person parking. Vehicles not displaying a valid State issued disabled persons placard or license plates will be cited.

Displaying Another Persons Placard (4461(c) CVC)

Any person displaying a handicap placard in their vehicle that does not belong to them will be cited.

Appeals Process

Any person who believes that a citation was issued in error may contest the parking citation by filling a notice of appeal at the Campus Safety Office. An appeal must be filed in accordance within the timelines and the procedures set forth on the citation notice. Appeal forms can be found on-line or are available at the Campus Safety office. According to California law, disregarding the citation will result in the filing of a complaint and renewal of vehicle registration through the DMV and is contingent upon compliance.

Hearing Officer Appeal
If you do not agree with the results of you written appeal, you can appeal to a hearing officer. Report to Campus Safety (building 1500) and pay the amount of the citation. You will then be scheduled for a hearing with an independent hearing officer.

Court Appeal
If you do not agree with the hearing officer, you can appeal the parking citation to Orange County courts.

Permit Displays
Parking permit decals must be affixed to the vehicle’s lower, driver’s side windshield. Students should place the decal outside the darkened area of the windshield so the decal can be seen. Daily permits should be displayed on the driver’s side dash board. The permit should be placed face-up so the date and time of purchase can be seen. Permits must be removed from vehicles upon expiration. For motorcycles, the permit should be clearly visible and placed on the front right fork of the bike.
Appealing a ticket: Download Appeal Form.
Paying a ticket:

Help and Further Information
As a convenience to staff, students, and visitors, an abridged version of these policies is available on the Campus Safety website, which can be found under “Quick links” on the Fullerton College main website, It can also be accessed more directly at Hard copies of the abridged version are distributed to all students who purchase a permit. A full set of procedures is distributed to all staff. As a courtesy, these parking guidelines are available upon request at the Campus Safety Department. Student, staff, and visitors can obtain further information at the Campus Safety Office. The Director of Camps Safety is available to meet with students and staff regarding specific concerns and problems associated with parking and/or enforcement.

Campus Maps are also available at the Campus Safety Office.