Besides providing general safety and protection, Campus Safety Officers may perform the following services on District Properties only:

  • Render first aid when the Health Center is closed.
  • Provide lost and found property services.
  • Assist in starting vehicles by jump-starting dead batteries.
  • Open locked vehicles (upon proper identification by owner).
  • Provide escort services for staff and students returning to their vehicles after dark.
  • Provide directions and information regarding campus facilities and events.
  • Direct a contingency of Student Escort and Campus Safety Aides who patrol parking lots and provide escort services.
  • Write incident reports of crimes and unusual occurrences which occur on campus.
  • Support the College Injury and Illness Prevention Program by conducting periodic safety inspections of all campus buildings, lighting, grounds, and roadways.

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Campus Safety is also part of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) which responds to concerns about student well-being and safety. A threat assessment may include a threat to others or personal safety. If you are aware of a student who may be at immediate risk for self-harm or may harm others, immediately call Campus Safety at ext. 27777 from a campus phone, 714- 992-7777 from a cell phone or use one of the emergency phones located on campus. Staff should submit a report to BIT for follow up after appropriate emergency response has been arranged. You may also refer students of concern to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) who may be at risk of a crisis situation. With early reporting, assessment and intervention, BIT can prevent crises and better support students.

Fill out the Concerning Behavior Report Form to report a student of concern.

Emergency Phone Locations

  • 100 building—in front of the Financial Aid office
  • Walkway between 200 and 400 buildings
  • Southeast corner of 300 building
  • Inside 500 building
  • Inside 600 building
  • Southeast corner of 700 building
  • North side of 700 building
  • Inside 1000 building
  • Inside 1100 building
  • North side of 1200 building (aka South Gym)
  • Inside North Gym
  • North side of North Gym
  • East side of 1300 building
  • Eight inside Student Parking Structure
  • North of Aquatic Center
  • East of 1600 building
  • Walkway between 2000 and 2001
  • Southeast corner of 2100
  • South side of Wilshire Auditorium

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

Fullerton College AED’s Inventory and locations as of March– 2016

Wilshire – SCESCE Office Area

Campus Security Office – Bldg 1500

Health Center – across from 400 connected to 1200.

1200 Bldg. Training Room – 1211 – stored In self contained back pack

1200 Bldg. Training Room – 1211 – stored in self contained back pack

Campus Security Vehicle #410

Campus Security Vehicle #490

Campus Security Vehicle #495

PE Dept. Pool Deck – in a cabinet.

PE Dept. Gym N.E wall in a cabinet.

PE Dept. Bldg.1700 in a cabinet outside hallway East wall.

Library – 1st floor by front office area. In a cabinet.

Admissions & Records – in a cabinet by the Bursars office.

Theater Lobby

More Information

To learn more about the services Campus Safety offers, see our Safety Brochure.